Concrete Tables

Many years ago I saw a method of making concrete counter tops on a home improvement show.  Never really had a need to try it out until we remodeled our living room.  I took a shot at making a concrete coffee and end tables: 

The forms are melamine particle boards, bought from Home Depot and cut to size: 

IMG 0830

Once cut, the forms are assembled to mimic the size and shape of the table: 

IMG 0831

We mixed up some Sakrete 5000, each table took 1 80lb bag:

IMG 0835

Once the forms are poured, we used a hand sander to work out the air pockets: 

IMG 0834

While we were waiting for the concrete to cure, we worked on the jig to weld the leg components together: 

24 hours after the pour, we poped the blocks out of the mold and let rest for two weeks: 

IMG 0839

Final product: 

We wanted a round coffee table, and melimine does not bend, so I tried plexiglass: 

Clamped it up and used black silicon at the edges: 

All in, three 80lb bags of concrete: 

Final product:

 Finally, this was a topper we made for our wood holder: