Tray Light Project

I wanted to build a light fixture that simulated burning candles, but also provided enough down light to accomidate a cathedral ceiling room.  This is what I can up with: 

Raw Materials:

IMG 0013

The light shield was made from a lenth of 5” dryer vent.  Pictured left is the raw material.  Pictured below is the near finished shield, with side caps and electronics box. 

IMG 0019

The light shield houses three 18 watt LED bulbs, that are the equivilent to three 100 watt standard bulbs.  The picture below is the bulb base installation in progress. 

IMG 0020 copy

The box at the end of the light shield houses the dimmer control and relay for the candle transformer.  Both are “z-wave” enabled, meaning they can be controlled through a smart phone.  In this case, I’m using my home security system to control the lights and provide some automation. 

IMG 0014

The candles are battery operated from the factory.  I’ve modified them to run off of a transformer to eliminate the batteries.  

These are the candles being wired.  The lightshield goes in the middle and provides downlight through a frosted plexiglass window.  

This video shows the light in action

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